1-D coordination polymer with helical chirality in octacyanomolybdate (V)- and Nd(III)-based: Synthesis, structure, and Hirshfeld surface analyses

  • M. Muddassir King Saud University
Keywords: Octacyanomolybdate(V); X-ray crystallography; Chiral Helicity; H-bonding; Hirshfeld Analyses


A new one-dimensional cyanide-based coordination polymer consisting of octacyanomolybdate(V) and Nd(III) has been synthesized and characterized through a single-crystal X-ray and elemental analysis. The compound consists of one-dimensional chains single strand chiral helix of [(Terpy)(DMF)3(MeOH)Nd-CN-Mo(CN)7] (NdMo-1) (Terpy is 2,2′:6′,2′′-terpyridine, DMF is dimethylformamide), where each Mo(CN)8 entity acts as a two-monodentate bridging ligand towards two Nd(III) ions through two of its eight cyanide groups in cis positions, respectively, in an alternating fashion. Corresponding chains are connected utilizing hydrogen bond interactions to form a three-dimensional supramolecular structure that stabilizes the whole molecule. These interactions have been validated using the Hirshfeld surface analysis.


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