• M.A. Alvarez-Amparán
  • L. Cedeño-Caero
Keywords: oxidative desulfurization, ZrO2-Al2O3, vanadium oxide, dibenzothiophenes


Vanadium oxide catalysts were prepared by incipient wetness impregnation of ammonium metavanadate on a zirconia-alumina mixed oxide with different vanadium loading (8, 10 and 15 wt.% of V), in order to increase the performance in oxidative desulfurization (ODS) of dibenzothiophene compounds, using H2O2 or tert-butyl hydroperoxide as oxidant. In addition, the catalyst with 15% of V was modified creating vanadium oxides partially reduced. The oxidation states and reducibility of vanadium catalysts were studied by temperature-programmed reduction (TPR). The catalysts were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM-EDX) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). Catalytic performance was discussed in terms of vanadium species prevailing on the catalysts, which increase the reactivity of refractory HDS compounds present in diesel fuel (DBT, 4-MDBT, and 4,6-DMDBT).


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Alvarez-Amparán, M., & Cedeño-Caero, L. (2020). OXIDATIVE DESULFURIZATION OF DIBENZOTHIOPHENES USING VOX/ZrO2-Al2O3. Revista Mexicana De Ingeniería Química, 11(3), 431-438. Retrieved from http://www.rmiq.org/ojs311/index.php/rmiq/article/view/1619
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