• M. Carrera-Rodríguez Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya
  • G. M. Martínez-González Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya
  • J.L. Navarrete-Bolaños
  • J.E. Botello-Álvarez Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya
  • R. Rico-Martínez Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya
  • H. Jiménez-Islas
Keywords: grain storage, porous media, nonlinear relaxation


A numerical study on the dynamics of grain storage in cylindrical silos was performed based on transport equations of momentum and energy for multiphase media. The purpose of this study is to analyze simultaneously the effect of the heat of respiration and three types of boundary conditions; two of them constants (Case I, θ = 1 and Case II, θ = 0) and a time-dependent (Case III, simulating the change of temperature along the day-night cycle) on the flow patterns, the isotherms and heat transfer to the environment. The governing equations were solved via spatial discretization using second order finite differences and time discretization using an implicit scheme. The set of algebraic equations generated was solved using Nonlinear Relaxation. In this simulation, the thermodynamic properties of sorghum grain stored in a silo of 44 m3 grain capacity were used. Stability for Case I and II, were reached in a dimensionless time (Fo) equals 0.3 (that is equivalent a real time of 3.01 h), while for Case III was for Fo = 20 (equivalent to 200.88 h) because the periodicity of the boundary condition. For cases II and III, the boundary conditions induce the formation of multicellular flow.


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