• L. Arreola-Salazar Departamento de Investigación y Posgrado en Alimentos Universidad de Sonora.
  • O. Rouzaud-Sandez Departamento de Investigación y Posgrado en Alimentos Universidad de Sonora
  • R.L. Vidal-Quintanar Departamento de Investigación y Posgrado en Alimentos Universidad de Sonora
Keywords: nixtamalized corn, DSC, thermodynamic properties, corn starch, alkaline cooking


Whole (COM=commercial and WL=experimental) and degermed (DEG) corn flours were subjected to protein and lipid extraction to obtain nixtamalized starch base to evaluate the effect of proteins fractions albumins and globulins (A+G) and oil reconstitution (50%, and 100% of the original values). Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) was used to obtain the thermal characteristics of corn flours treatments. Oil extraction and reconstitution did not modify the typical endotherm of whole corn masa. Protein reconstitution of DEG flour showed three transition states in which the To, and Tmax of all endothermic peaks increased (p<0.05) as protein content increased. The third endothermic peak of these flours showed very small enthalpies (0.67 and 0.62 J/g, p<0.05) as the Tmax increased (119°C), as compared with the value for the whole flour (73.7°C, and 2.6 J/g); which resulted from protein aggregation. Higher temperature of gelatinization (Tmax) was required when water was partitioned between starch and protein in the reconstituted DEG flour. DSC was sensitive in monitoring declination on protein and oil composition and can be used to establish moisture requirements for appropriate enrichment and processing conditions of corn masa flours.


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