• P. Torres-Mancera
  • J. Ramírez
  • A. Gutiérrez-Alejandre
  • R. Cuevas
Keywords: hydrodesulfurization, 4, 6-Dimethyldibenzothiophene, NiMo/Al2O3-B(X)


The modification of acid and hydrodesulfurization catalytic functions due to boron incorporation on NiMo/Al2O3 and its effect on the sulfur removal of 4,6 DMDBT and DBT were studied. The results show that 3.0 wt% B addition to Al2O3 does not diminish the textural properties. In addition, boron enhances both density and strength of the acid sites. By means of UV-vis DRS it was found that for the boron-modified catalyst, the amount of metals in strong interaction with the support, Ni and Mo tetrahedrally coordinated, is lower than for the boron-free catalyst, suggesting an increase in the number of hydrodesulfurization sites. It was shown that boron-modified support and catalyst perform the 4,6-DMDBT isomerization. Besides in the catalyst the hydrogenation function was improved. Therefore it was obtained a catalyst able to remove sulfur from highly refractory compounds like 4,6-DMDBT by the benefit from alternative reaction routes (hydrogenation and isomerization).


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