• H. Gómez-Bernal
  • L. Cedeño-Caero
Keywords: extraction, oxidation, ODS, temperature effect, solvent effect, DBT, refractory sulfur compounds


Temperature effect on the oxidation-extraction process for the desulfurization of dibenzothiophenic compounds in diesel fuels was studied. This study was performed using a model diesel prepared with dibenzothiophene, 4-methyl dibenzothiophene and 4,6-dimethyl dibenzothiophene in hexadecane, H2O2 as oxidant agent, V2O5/Al2O3 as catalyst and acetonitrile or butyrolactone as extraction solvents. It was observed that temperature has important effects on the process, which are independent from the solvent used. At high temperatures, the process can be well represented by a consecutive scheme, with the oxidation reaction taking place mostly in the solvent phase. At low temperatures, a parallel-consecutive scheme is observed. These differences with temperature can be ascribed to the amount of H2O2 in the system, which changes due to its thermal decomposition.


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