• J. S. Becerra-Hernández
  • H. Gómez-Bernal
  • J. F. Navarro-Amador
  • L. Cedeño-Caero
Keywords: oxidative desulfurization, extraction, dibenzothiophenes, water effect, V2O5


In the current work, the effects of the extraction step, the oxidant amount (H2O2) and H2O were studied during the oxidative desulfurization (ODS) of organosulfur compounds. Activity tests were performed with a model diesel consisting in dibenzothiophene, 4-methyl dibenzothiophene and 4,6-dimethyl dibenzothiophene. The reaction was carried out at 60°C, with supported vanadium catalysts and H2O2 as oxidant agent. Results show that long-term extraction considerably enhances organosulfur oxidation and slightly increases total sulfur removal. It was also observed that oxidation performed in presence of both phases (diesel and solvent) is essential to obtain high sulfone production. At these conditions, it was proven that water in the reaction system inhibits the organosulfur compounds extraction from the diesel phase and, in consequence, the sulfone production.


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