• O. Soto-Cruz
  • J. Páez-Lerma
Keywords: elemental balances, metabolism, stoichiometric model


Stoichiometric balances in fermentation processes are esential for their understanding and/or application. The calculation of metabolic flows is fundamental in quantitative studies of cellular physiology. Metabolic flux analysis is a powerful tool for the determination of the flows in the network of biochemical reactions. Intracellular fluxes are calculated using a stoichiometric model that describes the biochemistry of the microorganism. Metabolic flux analysis is particularly useful in connection with studies of metabolite production, where the objective is to direct as much carbon as it is possible from a substrate towards a metabolic product, besides to allow the calculation of nonmeasured extracellular fluxes and maximum theoretical yields, identification of alternating metabolic pathways and branched nodes of metabolic control. This work presents a revision of methodologies of consistency and metabolic flux analysis and their application to fermentation systems.


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