• L. Cedeño-Caero
  • E. Martínez-Abarca
  • M. Gómez-Díaz
  • F. Pedraza-Archila
Keywords: copper supported catalysts, dibenzothiophenes, oxidation-extraction process, oxidative desulfurization, refractory sulfur compounds


This contribution relates an alternative process for desulfurization of organosulfur compounds from fuels at mild conditions. The oxidation/extraction, of model sulfur compounds (thiophene, benzothiophene, dibenzothiophene and alkyldibenzothiophenes) prevailing in diesel, was lead on copper supported catalysts, with several Cu contents on titania or alumina. In a batch reactor under ambient pressure at 30-60°C, more than 60% of extracted dibenzothiophenes in model diesel could be oxidized to corresponding sulfones. These yields were obtained using tert-butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP) as oxidant. The total removals obtained with TBHP or hydrogen peroxide were similar, but the sulfone production was improved with TBHP. The yield to DBT, 4,6-DMDBT and 4-MDBT sulfones were about 86, 75 and 65 %, respectively, using a catalyst supported on titania with 5 wt.% of cuprum. The high relative activity of this catalyst was attributed to its capacity to decompose the oxidant and the interaction Cusupport in comparison to alumina supported catalyst


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