• F. Alarcón-Gálvez
  • J. González-Herrera
  • R. Guzmán-Sánchez
  • E. Morales-Manzanares
  • C. Montiel-Maldonado
  • D. Juárez-Romero
Keywords: model building, dynamic model testing, flowsheet composing


This work shows a prototype system for the construction of dynamic models for simulation of process plant networks with an improved warranty of producing a well posed system of differential algebraic equations. Every model contains a set of specified procedures that are coded in the C programming language, and it is automatically analysed with similar principles to those of the algorithmic differentiation. Moreover, the scheme to connect two pieces of equipment to ensemble the equations and associated iteration matrix is presented. The proof of these concepts is showed through dynamic simulations of a water supply cycle, and a drum-superheater cycle.


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Alarcón-Gálvez, F., González-Herrera, J., Guzmán-Sánchez, R., Morales-Manzanares, E., Montiel-Maldonado, C., & Juárez-Romero, D. (2020). DESIGNING COMPONENTS FOR DYNAMIC PROCESS SIMULATION. Revista Mexicana De Ingeniería Química, 3(2), 161-175. Retrieved from

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