• G. González-Alatorre
  • A. Serrato-Joya
  • C. A. Sámano-Heras
  • J. C. Alvizar-Gómez
  • J. Rocha- Patiño
Keywords: plug tubular reactor design equation, nitrosation kinetic of 1, 3 dimethylurea, conversion fraction in a tubular reactor, spatial time


Obtaining the design equation for a plug flow tubular reactor forms a part of all the Reactor Design courses offered by Chemical Engineering departments in Mexico. However, there is very little information regarding laboratory Assignments, in function of experimental results, where the students can test the application and exactitude of the parameters obtained from the equation for a plug flow tubular reactor. The models of tubular reactors in existence in the laboratories of Universities and Technology Institutes in the country present two main disadvantages where assignments are concerned: firstly, the costs can be elevated given the consumption of reagents in a continuous reactor and secondly, the difficulty in implementing a technique for analysis at the effluent of the reactor to determine the conversion fraction. The present work describes a simple, low cost, non-polluting experimental technique that enables the most significant parameters, such as conversion fraction at the effluent of the reactor, spatial time or reactor volume, of the tubular reactor design equation to be obtained.


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