• L. Cedeño-Caero
  • D. Hernández-Vega UNICAT,UNAM , Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo
  • J. Ramírez-Solís
Keywords: Acidity, HREM, MCM-41, synthesis, thiophene HDS, TPR-S, XRD


Rare earth-containing mesoporous silica of the MCM-41 type was prepared by incorporating of Ce, La or Sm during the synthesis, in order to analyze the effect of the incorporation on the catalytic and textural properties of mesoporous silicas. The materials were characterized by N2 adsorption measurements, XRD, TPD of ammonia, pyridine adsorption analyzed by FTIR and HREM. The catalytic activity of Mo supported on rare earth-MCM was measured in the thiophene HDS reaction. The Mo catalysts were characterized by TPR-S after the catalytic test. The results show the formation of hexagonal pore arrangement for all samples, typically of MCM-41 molecular sieves. The catalytic behavior of the Mo catalysts shows that the HDS activity is higher for the Mo/MCM-Ce catalyst, where the Mo species are better sulfided


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Cedeño-Caero, L., Hernández-Vega, D., & Ramírez-Solís, J. (2020). CHARACTERIZATION OF CATALYSIS FOR HDT SUPPORTED IN MESOPOROUS MODIFIED WITH Ce, La AND Sm. Revista Mexicana De Ingeniería Química, 1(3), 111-117. Retrieved from

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