• R. Pedroza-Islas
  • S. Macías-Bravo
  • E. J. Vernon-Carter
Keywords: cod liver oil, surface oil, thermal oxidation, biopolymers, microencapsulation


Cod liver oil was encapsulated with gum arabic, mesquite gum and maltodextrin or their blends by spray drying. Microcapsules at pH 4 showed lower surface oil content, achieving the highest oil retention with 100% gum arabic. The thermo-oxidative stability of the oil contained in the microcapsules with different wall materials was evaluated by dynamic differential scanning calorimetry. The values of the activation energy varied from 70.27 to 295.99 kJ mol-1. In general terms the microcapsules made at pH 4 had better thermo-oxidative stability, with the exception of the microcapsules made with 100 % mesquite gum and 100% maltodextrin at pH 8, which exhibited activation energies of 295.99 and 228.80 kJ mol-1, respectively.


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