• L.A. Cira
  • S. Huerta
  • K. Shirai
Keywords: chitin, silage, lactic acid fermentation, pigments, proteins, scaling-up and shrimp wastes


Lactic acid fermentation has been used as preservation method of prawn wastes. This process also makes easier the extraction of chitin, pigments, proteins and lipids. The aim of this work was to establish the effect of carbohydrate source and inoculum level. Various cheap carbohydrate sources, such as sugar cane, lactose and whey powder at 10 and 20% (wet basis) were added to prawn head wastes; 5 and 10% (wet basis) of Lactobacillus plantarum were inoculated and incubated at 30°C during 4 days. Sugar cane showed the fastest pH drop (up to 4.4). Total titratable acidity of 3 % was determined after 48 hours. Lactic acid fermentation was performed in a solid state column reactor build with two parts, the upper part where the prawn waste was placed and the liquid fraction was collected in the lower part. The process was scaled-up to 2 kg in a solid state reactor. Fermentation time, deproteinisation and demineralisation were determined. At the sixth day of fermentation, deproteinisation and demineralisation were 89.4 % and 82.5 %, respectively.


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