• A. R. Romero UNICAT, Fac. de Química, UNAM, Cd. Universitaria
  • J. Ramírez UNICAT, Fac. de Química, UNAM, Cd. Universitaria
  • L. Cedeño UNICAT, Fac. de Química, UNAM, Cd. Universitaria
Keywords: hydrodesulfurization, niobia-alumina support, sulfurization treatment, temperature-programmed reduction, temperature-programmed sulfiding


Niobium sulfide has been recently found to be an interesting new active phase for hydrodesulfurization. However for conventional supports such as alumina or silica strongly interact with the active cation preventing its sulfurization. In this paper, niobium was used as a dopant of a conventional hydrotreatment catalyst, Mo/Al 2 O 3 . The activation of the catalysts was performed under atmospheric pressure with different H 2 S-based streams: H 2 S/H 2 , and H 2 S/N 2 . Thiophene HDS activity over Mo-Nb/Al 2 O 3 catalyst was increased when it was sulfurated with H 2 S/H 2 at 400°C. The changes in catalytic activity can be associated to a better Mo dispersion due to surface modification. The reduction and sulfidation of Mo species were enhanced by the presence of Nb.


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