• E. Torres-García Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo
  • A. Peláiz-Barranco Facultad de Física-Instituto de Materiales y Reactivos, Universidad de La Habana
Keywords: isoconversion method, dehydration kinetics, high resolution thermogravimetry, quasi-isothermal thermogravimetry, influence of experimental conditions


The influence of the experimental conditions on the calculated kinetic parameters of the thermal dehydration of K(NbW)O 6 H 2 O were studied using quasi-isothermal (Q-TGA) and high resolution (TGA Hi-Res) thermogravimetric techniques. The dependence of (Ea) α shows the importance of the partial pressure of the gaseous product (P H2O ) in the vicinity of the reactant. The results show the limited validity of kinetic data calculated from experiments carried out under arbitrary chosen conditions, although the experimental conditions are strictly controlled.


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