Study of corrosion in metallic materials during the hydrodeoxygenation of palm oil in continuous fixed-bed reactor

Keywords: Hydrodeoxygenation, palm oil, corrosion rate, metallic material, pilot plant


In this work, corrosion damage in different metallic materials directly exposed to the corrosive environment generated in the catalytic hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) of palm oil to obtain green diesel in a continuous fixed-bed reactor at pilot plant scale was studied. Coupons were manufactured according to ASTM methods and were placed in holders at the outlet of the catalytic bed. Two experimental sets of 392 and 600 h of exposure time were carried out, keeping temperature and pressure at 340°C and 5 MPa, respectively, and results were reported as corrosion rate. It was found the material with the highest Cr content had the highest corrosion resistance. Similarly, it was noticed the most significant corrosion damage occurred just at the outlet of the catalytic bed. The experimental methodology followed in this work is a new procedure developed for continuous flow processes and could be used in transformation processes studies of biomass or other types of chemical compounds.


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