Swelling, erosion and physicochemical characteristics of plum powder tablets obtained by spray drying

  • P. Guillén-Velázquez
  • D. Cantú-Lozano
  • M.P. Rascón-Díaz
  • M. Jimenez-Fernández
  • G. Luna Solano TecNM-Instituto Tecnologico de Orizaba http://orcid.org/0000-0002-2470-6273
Keywords: Mexican plum powder, spray drying, tablets, erosion, disintegration time


Mexican plum juice was spray dried to obtain plum powder to develop tablets as a source of vitamin C and pectins. Plum powder presented poor flow characteristics and low capacity to compaction so different binders were probed. Corn starch (CS), carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and sodium alginate (SA) were added in 15 and 30 % w/w and tablets were made at 30 and 40 kN of compression load. Water activity (aw), moisture content (%X), color, hardness, disintegration time, % water uptake and erosion were evaluated. Tablets presented acceptable values of aw (0.364-0.513) and %X (1.14-2.79), color parameters indicated more presence of yellow-red coloration when maximum compression load was applied. Starch formulations presented shortest disintegration times (4.24-6.43 min) and acceptable hardness to be handled and transported without damage (3.441-4.8618 kgf), CMC and alginate formulations took more time to disintegrate in water however were synergic in acidic medium allowing faster dissolution, compared to water, and high erosion (>80%).


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