• J. González-Valdez
  • K. Mayolo-Deloisa
  • M. González-González
  • M. Rito-Palomares


The biotechnology industry is changing every day to improve the purity, yield and throughput of products, besides

becoming more e cient while using fewer resources. In this sense, this short review aims to present a general

overview of the trends in bioseparations that will be met in the bioprocessing area of biotechnology in order to

continue overcoming these challenges. It is identified that these tendencies will impact the following stages of

the bioseparation train: product sources, primary recovery and purification. New approaches involving process

integration, intensification and automation, microscaling and greener practices are addressed. Biotechnological

processes will continue to evolve becoming the spearhead of process development, targeting products that will

benefit lifestyle and improve quality of life. Nonetheless, the aspects that are covered in this work are up to day the

state of the art in this constant change and will undeniably have important repercussions in the future of this area.

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González-Valdez, J., Mayolo-Deloisa, K., González-González, M., & Rito-Palomares, M. (2022). TRENDS IN BIOSEPARATIONS. Revista Mexicana De Ingeniería Química, 13(1), 19-27. Retrieved from

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