Esterification of oleic acid into biodiesel and use it as fuel in a diesel engine to determine its impact

  • M. Sánchez-Cárdenas
  • L.A. Sánchez-Olmos no
  • F. Trejo-Zárraga
  • k. Sathish-Kumar
Keywords: Oleic acid, Mesoporous carbon, Sulfonation treatment, Solid acid catalyst, Biodiesel production


In this study, experimentally obtained biodiesel was analyzed as an alternative source of energy from oleic acid, using pure methanol and a solid acid catalyst in an autogenous reactor, the main product obtained was biodiesel, achieving a yield of 96.72 percent and thus demonstrating a greater conversion of free fatty acids (FFA) to methyl esters, allowing them to be studied in a diesel engine. Sulfonation of vulcanized rubber carbon produced the solid acid catalyst. Three control variables were used in the engine for the realization and analysis of the biodiesel obtained vs. commercial diesel in the internal combustion engine. Pure commercial diesel (PDI), biodiesel-diesel blend (50/50), and pure biodiesel (MES). The combustion tests show that there is no significant variation in the characteristics and performance of said tests; however, in the gaseous combustion products, significant reductions in carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbon, and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions were achieved. The greenhouse effect. nitrogen oxide when using the (PDI) versus the (MES). When MES and PBM were tested in a laboratory engine, the amount of NOx, CO, HC, and smoke emissions were reduced.


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