Obtaining of Crataegus mexicana leaflets using an indirect solar dryer

  • A. Tlatelpa-Becerro
  • R. Rico-Martínez
  • G. Urquiza-Beltrán
  • M. Calderón-Ramírez
Keywords: Drying kinetics, Solar dryer, Effective diffusivity, Crataegus mexicana


Drying behavior for ripe and unripe Crataegus mexicana was studied for an indirect solar dryer in order to obtain the effective diffusion coefficients . The behavior of the drying process was examined, observing a significant effect related to the ripeness degree of the fruit. The effective diffusion coefficients were 5.698 x10-10 m2/s and 5.993 x10-10 m2/s, for unripe and ripe Crataegus mexicana, respectively. Solar drying is a viable alternative for adding value to the production of this fruit in central México.

Author Biographies

R. Rico-Martínez

Chemical Engineering Department

Full Professor 

M. Calderón-Ramírez




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